Juniper Networks MX Series Routers

Juniper Networks MX5/MX10/MX40/MX80

The SDN-ready MX5 Universal Edge Router is a flexible, full featured MX Series solution for managed services and enterprise applications. It is equipped with a user-configurable MIC slot for flexible network connectivity and an additional MIC slot in the rear to support a multiservice card for virtualized network services such as CGNAT, Stateful Firewall, and IPSec. With a software upgrade that increases port capacity and performance, the MX5 is upgradeable to an MX10, MX40, or MX80. This enables customers to minimize upfront capital investment while ensuring investment protection that accommodates future growth requirements.
Download MX5/10/40/80 Series Routers(pdf ~1.5MB)

Juniper Networks MX104

The SDN-ready MX104 Universal Edge Router is a modular, highly redundant and full-featured MX Series platform built for space- and power-constrained service provider and enterprise facilities. It is designed to provide aggregation of enterprise, mobile, business, and residential access services, as well as deliver edge services for metro providers. The MX104 offers 80Gbps of capacity with four fixed 10GbE ports and four MIC slots for flexible network connectivity and virtualized network services. It is optimized for central office deployment, supports a redundant control plane for high availability and its chassis is environmentally hardened for deployment in outside cabinets and remote terminals.
Download MX104 Routers(pdf ~0.5MB)