Galileo.IP Hybrid IP PBX Solution

The Galileo.IP PBX is a modern Asterisk communication solution that can adapt to the requirements of your company. It is a digital, easy-to-configure and extensible private branch exchange that can help you significantly reduce the current cost of corporate communication.

A Galileo.IP PBX will not only save you money on calling, but it will also make the work of your employees more effective through a series of above-standard services. You will call free of charge not just within the company head office, but also with distant branches as well. When connecting outgoing calls, the Galileo.IP PBX automatically routes the call to the network while factoring in costs for consideration. In addition, you get the opportunity to use a high-speed Internet connection by means of 3G technology.The Galileo.IP is an ideal choice for SOHOs and SMEs with a high number of internal calls or for companies with multiple branches within the country or abroad.

Elastix PBX

Omega Lite PBX

Techical Specification

Number of ports:

  • Max. number of analogue ports 4
  • Max. number of BRI digital ports 4
  • Max.number of VoIP channels/users 200
  • Max.number of GSM/UMTS channels 2,4 upto 8
  • Max.number of IP users 200
  • Communication interfaces:

  • LAN interface Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • Web Interface , SSH
  • Basic parameters:

  • Nominal mains voltage 230 V
  • Tolerance of mains voltage +/- 10 %
  • Nominal frequency 50 Hz
  • Dimensions of PBX 384 X 270 X 117 mm
  • Weight 3,4 kg
  • Download

    Galileo.IP Presentation(pdf ~1MB)