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Grandstream IP Phone Solutions

Grandstream IP Phone Solutions are designed to provide high-quality and efficient communication services to businesses of all sizes. 

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Grandstream IP Phone

These solutions use state-of-the-art technology to deliver crystal clear voice and video calls, as well as advanced features such as call recording, call forwarding, and automatic call distribution. 

Grandstream IP Phones offer easy installation and configuration, allowing businesses to quickly and easily implement a new communication system that fits their specific needs. With a range of options available, including desktop phones, conference phones, and wireless phones, businesses can choose the IP phone solution that best meets their unique requirements.

SNOM IP Phone Solutions

Snom’s portfolio of cutting-edge SIP-based telephony devices are recognized for their rugged commercial grade performance, reliability and ease of interoperability which has made snom the VoIP handset partner of choice for the industry’s leading VoIP service providers, hosted VoIP, IP PBX and Unified Communications solution vendors.

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IP Phones - snom 7xx series

Part of snom’s 7xx series phone portfolio, the snom 710 joins the snom 720 and snom 760 to form a state-of-the-art line of full-featured IP desktop phones for small or large scale deployments in a multitude of business scenarios. 

Supporting four SIP identities and blending an elegant utilitarian design for high usability with high performance and affordability, the snom 710 delivers a rich set of everyday business telephony features critical to today’s real-time, information-driven business workforce. 

Blending rich features and assured performance with usability and affordability, the snom 710 is the right choice for organizations with large business needs but a small business budget. 

The snom 710 desktop phone – a standout in its class with superior voice quality, rich features and user-friendly design all delivered at an affordable price.

IP phones - snom 8xx - the 8 experience

The newest addition to the snom product portfolio is the company fourth generation SIP-based phone the snom 821. The VoIP handset sets a new standard for design innovation and business-class performance blending a sleek, cutting-edge look with a highly intuitive user interface and a rich set of business communications features making it an ideal product for the enterprise market.

The snom 870 VoIP telephone is our latest innovation for all modern people with high demands for future-oriented technology combined with user friendliness. Its display is a completely newly designed touch screen with unique, intuitive user interface.

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Snom MeetingPoint - share your vision

Grandstream IP Phone Solutions are designed to provide high-quality and efficient communication services to businesses of all sizes. 

NGN Solutions

Snom MeetingPoint

Snom’s first VoIP conference telephone, the snom MeetingPoint, is the perfect addition for everybody who must make frequent cross-location consultations. The snom MeetingPoint is the only SIP conference phone that allows you to use Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 R2 and Standard SIP accounts in one conference phone in parallel!